Carbon neutral as easy as 1, 2, 3

You can now help fight climate change by becoming carbon neutral in one click

Carby Box compensates for your carbon footprint

starting at $0.50 per day!

  •  Each Carby Box compensates for the carbon footprint of an average American 

  • CO2 is neutralized with certified environmental projects (see below)

  • Carby Box contains handmade seed-paper tokens that sprout flowers

  • Additionally, you get a stylish gift card, made of 100% recycled paper 

Carby Box is not just for you: help others to live carbon neutral too!


For the 1st year of married life or one month as a birthday gift - Carby Box is a delightful gift.

Bring Carby Box instead of a bunch of flowers -

meaningful, stylish, delight-guarantee! 

With Carby Box you fight climate change

Without Carby Box

When forests are cut down, the dead trees and soil emit carbon dioxide (CO2) that causes climate change.


Also, these trees cannot breathe in CO2 anymore, which has a long-term effect.

With Carby Box

Carby Box protects forests in severe danger of being destroyed.


When protected, the trees can continue to breathe in CO2 and help fight climate change.

Help the cause, 

even without a purchase.

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Carby Box only funds certified CO2-Reduction-Projects

Carby Box projects fight climate change by preventing deforestation in Kenya & Congo

  • Prevents carbon emissions

  • Protects forests and their biodiversity

  • Prevents illegal logging, charcoal production and slash-and-burn agriculture

  • Creates sustainable jobs

  • Provides education

  • Conserves wildlife like elephants and rhinos

All projects are created and maintained by our partner Wildlife Works.

Project Kasigau Corridor, Kenya

This project protects over 500,000 acres of highly threatened forest - an area twice the size of New York City.

It secures the entire wildlife migration corridor between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks.

  • Prevents CO2 emissions by ending deforestation

  • Stops poaching of elephants, lions and rhinos

  • Trains forest rangers

  • Provides sustainable jobs

Kasigau Corridor,


Western Democratic Republic of


  • Includes some of the most important wetlands in the world

  • Forest is home to Chimpanzees, Bonobos and forest elephants 

  • Sustainable agriculture, fishing and livestock have been introduced

Project Democratic Republic of Congo

Over 750,00 acres of rainforest along the west side of Lake Mai Ndombe in Western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are protected by this project. That's 2,5 times the size of Los Angeles. 

Carby tokens sprout flowers when planted

Carby Box makes a great gift.

Carby tokens are made from seed-paper: plant them and wildflowers will grow!

Give Carby Box as a gift

Make someone happy today by offsetting their carbon footprint!

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to Fight Climate Change

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