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Here are some ideas clients have been interested in:



do your Executives have to fly a lot? Reduce the impact of those flights



offset your employees' carbon footprint each month they work for you

carbon neutral shipping

for your online retail business, integrated at checkout



make all attendees carbon neutral for 1 month or 1 year


client gift

send your clients a co-branded gift card that sprouts flowers and offsets their carbon footprint for the year



offset your business’ carbon footprint

We love innovation.

Do you have an idea or a question about how to do business and fight climate change?

Tell us your idea and we’d love to make it a reality!

Certified Carbon Offsets from Carby®

Funding projects that reduce carbon emissions

Purchasing Carby carbon offsets funds projects that prevent deforestation in Kenya and Congo and drastically change the local economies to becoming more environmentally friendly. Read more about the projects >>

All Carby carbon offsets come from projects managed by our partner Wildlife Works and verified by Verified Carbon Standard, the top certification organization for voluntary carbon climate certification. Read more about the verification process on our blog >>

Run your business responsibly. Make an impact now.

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