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Why was Carby Box created?

Carby Box was created in order to empower each and every individual to take direct and measurable action to win the fight on climate change.

We can’t directly control governmental policy, we can’t directly control the way people vote, we can’t directly control corporate behavior – but now we CAN control our own carbon footprint.

Carby Box allows us to take immediate and powerful action to reduce our own carbon footprints to zero.

How much carbon does Carby Box reduce in the atmosphere?

Every single token in your Carby Box prevents 1.5 tonnes of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere through carbon offsets. 1.5 tonnes is the average monthly American carbon footprint. So for each carbon neutrality token in your Carby Box, you have become carbon neutral for 1 month. We count your footprint as that of the average American’s.

Carby Box is currently sold in packs of 1 month, 6 months and 12 months of carbon neutrality.

  • If your Carby Box is a 1 month pack, you have directly prevented 1.5 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere, making you carbon neutral for 1 month.
  • If your Carby Box is a 6 month pack, you have directly prevented 9 tonnes (6x1.5) of carbon from entering the atmosphere, making you carbon neutral for 6 months.
  • If your Carby Box is a 12 month pack, you have directly prevented 18 tonnes (12x1.5) of carbon from entering the atmosphere, making you carbon neutral for 12 months.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

Being Carbon Neutral means that the carbon emissions we create through our daily lives are balanced out by preventing emissions somewhere else.

What is a 'tonne'?

A tonne is a metric ton, which equals 1000 kilograms or 2205 lbs.

How much is 1.5 tonnes?

There’s a rhinoceros in the room! The average monthly American carbon footprint is 1.5 tonnes – that is equivalent to emitting approximately the weight of a black rhinoceros into the atmosphere each month.

Why is it important to be carbon neutral?

By becoming carbon neutral, we can each take an effective and immediate step to reduce our personal impact on the total emissions of planet-heating pollutants.

Carbon emissions in the atmosphere change the composition of the air – the more carbon dioxide and other GHG pollutants are in the atmosphere, the more our oceans, land and air are forced to absorb additional heat. Hotter oceans mean bigger storms, hotter land means more draughts and hotter air means hotter temperatures. The global climate system is disrupted through these pollutants. Going carbon neutral is a huge step forward in preventing emissions and keeping the planet’s climate stable and habitable.

How do carbon offsets work?

Carbon offsets are Verified Emissions Reductions created by projects which are specifically designed to reduce carbon emissions. The most common examples are carbon offset projects that work on prevention of deforestation (because trees breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen), methane capture on landfills, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

In the case of Carby Box, you are purchasing carbon offsets created by a world-class Verified Carbon Standard project, which prevents deforestation and forest degradation and creates sustainable jobs.

Why does Carby Box use exclusively carbon offsets preventing deforestation?

We believe that giving economic value to live forests is one of the best ways to make long-term impacts to win the fight on climate change. Carbon offsets purchased through Carby Box help make forests we protect become more valuable alive than dead.

Deforestation is the second largest cause of GHG pollutant emissions, even larger than the global transportation industry!

Why deforestation carbon offsets and not, say, renewable energy carbon offsets?

There are many ways for the global community to reduce total carbon emissions – in fact, we must take every measure available in order to stabilize the climate. We strongly support individuals and businesses switching to renewable energy sources.

For individuals looking to make a direct and measureable impact, purchasing carbon offsets through Carby Box that prevent deforestation means that irreplaceable forests will be protected permanently. Whereas old-growth forests and ecosystems (and the carbon inside them) are nearly impossible to replace, renewable energy is already more price-efficient than fossil fuels. Therefore, we believe that the vast majority of society will switch to renewable energy simply because solar and wind power are cheaper than fossil fuels – not because they are subsidized by carbon offsets. Forests, on the other hand, without the support of carbon offsets have little economic value other than as a site for slash and burn agriculture or as a pile of lumber.

Carby Box and the offsets you purchase through us transform beautiful irreplaceable forests from a future pile of lumber into a permanent place of nature and sustainable source of carbon reductions.

In order to win the fight on climate change, we can each take a significant step and become carbon neutral by protecting forests.

Why do you count my footprint as the same as the average American’s?

We believe that the single most important thing in winning the fight against climate change is empowering individuals to take direct, positive action. Rather than concern ourselves with the differences between individuals, we decided to focus on making the greatest possible total impact and that means giving everyone access to carbon offsets.

Our logic is that by making it easy for everyone to participate, the average contribution from everyone will almost exactly equal out - on average - to exactly the average carbon footprint. Therefore, your Carby Box offsets your carbon footprint and makes you carbon neutral, if you have the average carbon footprint of a person in America; if your carbon footprint is larger or smaller than average, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve eliminated the carbon footprint of a whole person in the USA.

Feel good about your choice to be carbon neutral and feel great about taking direct action to fight climate change.

How can I support the Carby Box mission?

Share Carby Box with your friends and tell them about the benefits of being carbon neutral: building a world which is brighter, greener and healthier than today.

Are you a professional? Share Carby Box with your colleagues and encourage your company to give Carby Box as a gift to employees and customers. Give a Carby Box to your boss or CEO and let them know you take direct action on climate change and that they can too!

Are you a student? Share Carby Box with your school and spread the message. Students are the future and the ones who will feel the greatest impacts from climate change – get involved in the issue and become carbon neutral today.

What is the carbon footprint of ordering this product on Amazon? Shouldn’t we offset that footprint too?

The average carbon footprint of a person in the USA is 1,500 kilograms (3,307 lbs) per month; the total estimated carbon footprint of one Carby Box to be produced and delivered to your door is about 0.03 kg (0.06 lbs) of carbon. Fortunately, Carby Box offsets 1,500 kilograms (3,307 lbs) of carbon offsets per token, so that tiny carbon footprint of Carby Box is offset about 5,000,000% by your purchase.

Are these offsets verified by a third party? What standards are in place to ensure quality?

Our partner Wildlife Works operates projects which are verified by the premier carbon standard organization: Verified Carbon Standard. Verified Carbon Standard is based in California and establishes the standards for carbon offsets, their verification, registry and accounting methodology. The projects’ verification reports are publicly available at the Verified Carbon Standard website under project numbers 934 and 612.

What else can I do to reduce global carbon emissions?

In terms of direct action, the largest simple actions we can take are:

  1. Turn off your appliances at night – especially your computer and TV every night and when not in use.

  2. If you rent a house or apartment, change to renewable energy through your utility company. Many states allow people to switch to renewable energy at very low cost directly through your utility provider – most of the time, you billing system will remain identical, except that you will be supporting solar and wind power. 11% of the carbon produced in the USA comes from electricity production, so this can make a big impact.

  3. If you have a house, put solar panels on it. Solar energy is less expensive in almost every place in the country than traditional fossil fuel grid power. In addition to saving money, you will also reduce the global carbon emissions through smart energy!

  4. Next time you buy a car, get a fuel efficient car. The difference in fuel costs alone will be worth the benefit of a fuel-efficient car. The annual difference in fuel costs between a car getting 20 mpg and 35 mpg is roughly $750, according to Each gallon of gas burned creates about 20 lbs of carbon dioxide. By switching to a fuel efficient car as mentioned above, you’ll not only save $750 dollars per year, you’ll also prevent 3.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Why act now?

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

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