Carbon Emissions by Country

Who is responsible for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions? For us, the answer is: everyone. However, emissions are caused by everyone to varying degrees. Here's an overview of the distribution of emissions.

- The full list of Carbon emissions by country is at the end of the article. -

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The 3 largest polluters account for 49% of global emissions:

  • China

  • United States (Full breakdown of US Carbon Emissions available here)

  • India

The next 3 largest polluters account for 10% of global emissions:

  • Russia

  • Japan

  • Germany

The next 4 largest polluters account for 6.8% of global emissions:

  • Iran

  • Saudi Arabia

  • South Korea

  • Canada

That means that the 10 countries with the largest emissions determine more than 66% of total global emissions - 2/3 of the total global problem.

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Full list of carbon emissions by country (alphabetical):

All Countries CO2 Emissions for 2016. Data Source: Global Carbon Project.

Full list of carbon emissions by country (in order of emissions totals):

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