How to fight climate change for 50 cents per day

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

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Climate change is caused by everyone of us

Climate Change refers to the long-term warming of our planet (global warming) and its resulting consequences such as extreme weather and storms and sea-level rise. The cause of climate change is human activity - primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels, but also other activities like deforestation, which generate greenhouse gasses.

Our carbon footprint: 18 tonnes per year

The sum of all of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our actions and lifestyle is our 'carbon footprint'. This can be calculated on an average per person and differs largely from country to country. In the USA, the average carbon footprint of one person is 18 tonnes per year. Look at other countries in comparison.

Counterbalancing our footprint with carbon offsets

The only way to counterbalance our unavoidable emissions is by purchasing carbon offsets. The purpose of carbon offsets is to fund a project, which reduces carbon emissions, that otherwise would not have happened without that funding.

Purchasing carbon offsets is a form of climate change activism - it's paying for someone to reduce carbon emissions through a verified project. When you offset your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets, you're making your personal impact on global climate change smaller than it otherwise would be.

In the case of trees, they have dollar value in many cases only when they are cut down (becoming lumber, charcoal etc). Carbon offsets are a way to give those trees a dollar value for staying alive - the value of the carbon they keep out of the atmosphere. Your dollars directly help protect the trees, allowing them to fight climate change for us.

Carby Box carbon offset projects help fight climate change

Carby Box projects through our partner Wildlife Works prevent deforestation in amazing wildlife areas in Kenya and Congo - home to elephants, giraffes, zebras and more.

Project Kasigau Corridor, Kenya

This project protects over 500,000 acres of highly threatened forest - an area twice the size of New York City. It secures the entire area between two national parks (Tsavo East and Tsavo West) where elephants migrate every year.

  • Prevents CO2 emissions by ending deforestation

  • Stops poaching of elephants, lions and rhinos

  • Trains forest rangers

  • Provides sustainable jobs

Project Mai Ndombe Lake, Democratic Republic of Congo

Over 750,00 acres of rainforest along the west side of Lake Mai Ndombe in Western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are protected by this project. That's 2,5 times the size of Los Angeles. 

  • Includes some of the most important wetlands in the world

  • Forest is home to Chimpanzees, Bonobos and forest elephants 

  • Sustainable agriculture, fishing and livestock have been introduced

The positive effects Carby Box carbon offset projects

When forests are cut down, the dead trees and soil emit carbon dioxide (CO2) that causes climate change. Also, these trees cannot breathe in CO2 anymore, which has a long-term effect.

Carby Box carbon offset projects protect forests in severe danger of being destroyed. When protected, the trees can continue to breathe in CO2 and help fight climate change.

3rd party organizations verify positive impact on climate change

Since the purpose of carbon offset projects is to reduce the impact of climate change, it's important to have offsets that are verified by neutral 3rd parties. All Carby Box carbon offset projects adhere to the highest standards in the industry, verified by the independent Verified Carbon Standard organization. Verified Carbon Standard is the world's most widely used carbon verification program.

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